Television is a medium for attention getting.
Getting the attention of an audience of hundreds of thousands of people has been my objective.


Guests Jeannine Parker and Coco Conn happily discussing virtual communities on the Web with me.

Transhuman UPdate TV

Transhuman News

(formerly "Breakthroughs — A Transcentury Update")

Breakthroughs a Transcentury Update / Transhuman UPdate was first produced in 1985 and aired in 1988 in Los Angeles California. The intent was to produce an educational cable show on the Future. FM-2030 appeared in many of the segments, and I credit him for pushing me to do this show.  My goal was to produce and host a televised program on cable to be aired in Telluride, Colorado which I still considered my home, or at least one of them.  FM's brilliant and eloquent contributions to this show helped to make it a success.  The context began as a talking-head interview and as the content started changing, the context soon became an open discussion format with a limited number of guests. Topics range from technology and the far future to the philosophy and mechanics of the near future. After the second year, Breakthroughs started airing weekly at 5:00 in Telluride, Colorado, and bi-monthly in LA.

This educational cable show covered topics such as:

Vidocast coming in fall of 2006.