Performance Art

"DJ Trace-human” is a video interplay of poetry, allegory and soliloquy concerning future humans and identity. Like platitudes of postmodern thought, what the character is saying is incoherent. Albeit, when the image is played to a harmonic mix and animates into a series of repetitious moments, the viewer intuits its value. Directed by BBC filmmaker Christopher Spencer and edited in Los Angeles, Natasha's recitation became AC—an electric current that reverses its direction at regular intervals.

Early BioArt piece the artist sculpted her body into the red clay of Red Rocks amphitheater. The acoustical arena, where Tiesto performed "Elements of Life", was the stage for the silent, short 8mm film "Breaking Away", filmed by Don Yannacito, Film Studies, UC. The mise en scène is a metaphorical breaking away from human constraints while in a dance; her naked flesh was energized, amplified and then attenuated from the early morning sun.

Narrative video “2 Women in B&W”, the spoken words do hold value, yet it is more the emotions of the characters that draw the viewer's attention. As the actors' lines repeat, during each round the behaviors change to infer an alteration of identity. Each identity is dependent on the identity of the other, just as much if not more than she needs herself. Here the "self" is a transitional state of being, arriving at its state of stasis by and through its inability to break away from the cloistered need of the other. Filmed by John Dore of EZTV in West Hollywood, the artist directed and performed the piece which premiered at Women in Video.

The Aesthetics Of Memetic Evolution (1999)
The Automorpher, Electronic Cafe International (1996)
Spacegirl, Electronic Cafe International (1992)
Tin Brain, At Sunset (in respect of Volker Schloendorff) (1986)
Where I Come From, American Film Institute (1983)
Liquid Sky, Filmex International Film Festival (1985)
Happening Hertzog, Telluride Film Festival (Tribute to Werner Hertzog (1982) collaboration with Les Blank) (1979)
Sleeping Goddess, Waking Muse Haleakala Volcano, Maui (1981)
Silk Umbrellas, Kyoto, Japan (1980)
Hi-Minds High-Places, Arts & Sciences (Observatory) (1979)
Night Sky, Navajo I, Memphis Art Academy
Ode to beauty, Navajo Reservation (1979)
Green, Amazon Jungle (Mauhause, Brazil) (1978)

ilm and Video

Tim, “Movie of the Week” starring Candice Bergman (video clip of Natasha Vita-More) (film) 1996
The Transhumans, Producer/Director documentary (Timothy Leary, FM-2030, Max More, and others) (video) 1996
Timothy Leary in Conversation, Producer - Conversation between Timothy Leary and Natasha Vita-More (video) 1996
BBC Documentary, Performed poetry - Muse of Eternal Life (film) / "DJ trance human" 1996
Blue Pearl, Lead actress (Marilee Albert, Dir., Shadow Ranch Productions) (film) 1996
Flex It, Performer (video) 1995
T - And Counting, Lead actress (exhibited at U.S. Environmental Film Festival) (film) 1992
2 Women in B&W, Lead actress (exhibited at Women In Video) 1986
Murphy's Law, Actress,(Canon Films, J. Lee Thompson, Dir.) (film) 1986
Six Shots , Actress, High Definition video (Zoetrope Studios, Francis Ford Coppola, Dir.) 1982