Release of "Primo Posthuman 3M+ 2002" future physique — Digital Net.Art, February 1, 2001.

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Transhuman Culture InfoMark located at  This site is the cultural InfoMark of transhumanity where you can find transhuman ideas about style, bio-tech bodies, new technologies, cryonics, glamour, sex and more!

Excerpts from the Extropic Art Manifesto travels to Saturn onboard Cassini!  "We are transhuman...." ETA 2004

Museum and Gallery Exhibitions

NetART online 1997-2006
London Institute of Contemporary Arts (1997)
The Akus Gallery, "MEME BREEDERS" (1997)
Space Foundation Exhibition 1996
Otis Parsons Gallery 1989
Interview Magazine - "Portraits of the Stars" 1989
EZTV Digital Gallery 1987
Olympic Arts Festival 1985
Monument Valley 1980
Vorpal Gallery 1980
Kyoto Convention Center 1979
Memphis Art Academy 1979
Zoline/Clark Gallery 1975-1979
Accademia Di Belle Arti 1975
Alice Bingham Gallery 1970
Brooks Memorial Museum 1970

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