Primo Guide

A u d i o

Increased frequency range
and parabolic hearing

External wiring and internal intelligent agents
able to receive and send audio messages on
24-hour Net interface. Metabrain's internal 
bandwidth connects with sense overlay
to morph voice which is used for 
privacy and to mask identity.

Digital signal processors reduce extraneous noise and enhance signal. Easily picks out specific voices in a crowded room.

Frequency-selectable ultrasonic and infrasonic frequency (there is much significant information below 20 Hz, especially on emotional states). This info has to be 
tunable to prevent neural overload.

Convert grating voices into dulcet tones, or hook into enhanced reality system to convert 
unwanted sounds into visual data (neighboring conversations turn into a light rain).


Speaking tubes, 1700s.
Ear trumpets, 1800s.
Hearing aids, 1900s.
Cochlear bionic implants, 1960s.
Digital signal processing, 1984.