"The American multimedia artist Natasha Vita-More is the first artist brave enough to fully engage with the idea of redesigning the human body itself as a work of art." (Young 2008:311)

Young, S. (2005) Designer Evolution: A Transhumanist Manifesto. New York: Prometheus Books.


Full CV located here for all published papers, conference talks, artistic works

Media Artist/Designer
Research covers the transformative human enhancement for prolonging life and enhancing personhood (whole brain emulation/substrate independent minds (Koene)).

Performative Arts, Body Art, Biological Arts, Filmmaking, Videography, Visual Arts, Telematic Arts, Transhumanist Arts and the Transhuman Aesthetic a future media of extending life at the convergence of the transitional human and NBIC+.


Ph.D. Planetary Collegium Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts,
           Facility of Technology, University of Plymouth, England
M.Phil. University of Plymouth

M.Sc. University of Houston - Future Studies Program
Continuing Studies — Academia Bella Arte (Ravenna, Italy)
B.F.A. — University of Memphis
Future Studies — UCLA Extension (Cosmology, Social Science, Futurism)
American Muscle & Fitness Association (Certified Personal Trainer)
American Muscle & Fitness Association (Certified Nutritionist)
Blackstone School of Law — (Paralegal certificate)
University of California Los Angeles — (Technical Writing)
HTML Writers Guild — (Animation Certificate)


Humanity+, Chairman,  2012
Humanity+, Vice Chair, 2011
Extropy Institute Core Group, 2007, President, 2000-2006
Transhumanist Arts & Culture Founder and Director, 1983-present
H+ Laboratory - Artistic Director
Center for Responsible Nanotechnology - Task Force, 2004 - present
LifeBoart Foundation - Advisor, 2006 - present
World Transhumanist Association Honorary Vice Chair, 2000-present

Alcor Foundation, Council of Advisors, 1999-present
Zero Gravity Arts Consortium - Advisory Board, 2004-present
Foresight Institute Senior Associate, 1995-present
Screen Actors Guild Actor, 1991-present
EZTV— Artist of the Month series


The lovely Natasha, artist and body builder!
Geraldo Rivera, The Geraldo Rivera Show

There is something very special about Natasha’s (f/k/a Nancie Clark) art. There is a great clarity — this fine young artist will give people something with which they can live forever. Good luck, Natasha! Fondly, Paul Kohner, Paul Kohner Talent Agency

Your work deserves to be seen by the world. Keep your magic!
Volker Schloendorff, (Academy Award Film Director, The Tin Drum)

You are a catalyst in the virtual salon of ideas.
Dr. Timothy Leary

Natasha Vita-More is an artist with a quality of warmth and depth. She is an artist whose time has arrived.
George Slaff, (Former Mayor of Beverly Hills)

... a woman of strong and magical style ...
Warren Beatty, film actor/director

A superhuman object of desire combining Madonna, Schwarzenegger, and Marcel Duchamp.
Matthew DeBord, Atlantic Unbound, contributing editor of Feed

Your head should be preserved!
Christina Ferrera, TV host Home and Family


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