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Futurist Lecturer —
Derek Woodgate


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With experience as an executive on the board of two major corporations and over 15 years Senior Vice-President-level management and operational responsibilities in international businesses, Derek is widely recognized as a global specialist in marketing, innovation, business and futures-based consulting. He is currently on the Board of Directors of Planet U in Dallas and Experentis in London, England.

In January 1998, Derek set up The Futures Lab, a futures-based consultancy, specializing in leveraging future potential, innovation, category redefinition and repositioning of major brands and businesses. The Futures Lab has helped many major global corporations across a myriad of categories.

Derek has lived and worked in eleven countries and is at home in seven languages (English, Croatian, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian and Dutch).

He graduated with a Bachelor Degree (Hons.) from University College London, in Contemporary Slav Studies and then gained his Masters in Economics – (concentration in politics) from Zagreb University, a city where he spent over ten years. He is a frequent conference speaker, panelist and commentator on the future, particularly with regard to youth culture and marketing and its relevance to the future business landscape. Derek is a prolific writer on future-related topics, his latest book “Future Frequencies,” was published in 2004, and he is currently writing for a new release entitled "Future Flow". He also contributed to the major work on Burroughs “Calling the Toads”.

Derek is a founding member and a board member of the Association of Professional Futurists, a member of The World Futures Society, The World Futures Studies Federation and is also on the Regional Vision and Strategy Committee for Austin 2020.

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