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by Futurist
Natasha Vita-More

    University of Houston
   Futures Studies Program

The unique inter-disciplinary Futures Podcast Lectures Series is open to UH graduate students in the Future Studies program. This series examines topics concerning the future and encourages active student participation.


  Program Instructors:

  Peter Bishop, Ph.D., UH Future Studies
Andy Hines - UH Lecturer &
  Education Specialist, Future Studies




Listen to
well-known futurists
lecture on
future studies, strategic planning, scenarios, systems thinking, critical thinking, research and analysis, and more!

Futurists' Lectures:

Joseph Coates, Ph.D.
Jim Dator, Ph.D.
Wendy L. Schultz, Ph.D.
Michele Bowman
John L. Petersen
Jennifer Jarrett
Christian Crews
Max More, Ph.D.
Derek Woodgate

Download PowerPoint
"Futures Podcast Lectures"

with bios of speakers and a place for taking notes on their lecturers.



The Futures Podcast Lecture Series is a University of Houston, Future Studies project created by futurist Natasha Vita-More as an elective taught by Education Specialist Andy Hines during the fall semester of 2005.  This project received recognition as "Best of Houston Futures" and is to be presented at the World Future Society 2006 Conference in Toronto, Canada.

The Futures Podcast Lecture Series features nine reputable speakers who develop ideas aboutand produce solutions forthe future. This series provides a wealth of interesting lectures on selected topics about the near and far future, enhance the knowledge and understanding of students about the people involved in the future, and add in the growing curriculum of the Future Studies program. Start listening by clicking on the futurist's name which will take you to each individual page and a link to the mp3 file. For example, start with Dr. Joseph Coates. And accompanying the lectures is a PowerPoint presentation with bios of speakers and a place for taking notes on the lecturers as you listen.

All nine speakers actively apply futurists’ tools in their work and their knowledge and skill pertain to topics in the coursework curriculum in the Futures Studies program.

Lectures cover topics and issues that pertain to the future and STEEP domains. They suggest how students can apply “tools” such as strategic planning, systems thinking, forecasting, modeling, and research methods, and other tools which students are learning in the Future Studies program.

Each lecture will be between fifteen minutes and one hour.  A PowerPoint presentation will accompany each speaker’s lecture. 

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