Primo Guide


Primo R A D I C A L body design

Biography — History

1998 - 2D Image known as "A-life" is conceived.

1999 - "A-life" evolves into "Aesthetics of Memetic Evolution". 

2000 - "Aesthetics of Memetic Evolution" evolves into "Primo 3M+". 

2001 - "Primo" regenerates into "Primo 3M+ 2001" with new body design—a more streamlined outer contour and metabrain upgrade along with an internal wholebody navigational grid which supports the brand new in vivo fiberoptic backbone and networked nanobots.

2002 - "Primo" generates "Smart Skin" ("sS") featuring Artificial Intelligent Skin ("AiS").

2004 - "Primo" develops an attitude.