Primo Guide 




M e t a b r a i n

N a n o t e c h
Data Storage memory system

E r r o r   C o r r e c t i o n
Device, Replay and Feedback System

High bandwidth awareness powered by 100 quadrillion-synapse nanocomputing brain.

Error-corrected memory replay.
Global Net connection with remote neural access guarded by security protocol.

Embedded high-throughput contradiction detectors.

Prosthetic neo-neocortex designed by AI and interwoven with nanobots.

Polysensory modalities sort new data over existing and additional channels.

Nano-optical neurons process thoughts one million times faster than outdated bio-brains.

Continual monitoring of internal bodily functions with emergency repair on call.

Energystar compliant operation, with autosleep mode.

Extended short-term memory (remains functional even if tipsy ).



Primitive clinical neurochemical 
modification starting in the 1950s.

Anti-tremor electrode implants, late 1990s.