Quotes about Natasha:

"You are a catalyst—a cultural agent in the virtual salon of ideas."  Dr. Timothy Leary, Icon

"Your work should be seen by the world."  Volker Schloendorff, Academy Award director "The Tin Drum"

"Natasha is a visionary whose 21st Century aesthetics crystalized early on."  FM-2030, author, Are You A Transhuman?
"A woman of magical style."  Warren Beatty, film star

"A superhuman object of desire combining Madonna, Schwarzenegger and Marcel Duchamp."  Atlantic Unbound

Media & Press Information Film, TV, Print, Radio Interviews and Guest Appearances, Interviews in print, TV, film and radio
Media & Net Artist Founder Transhumanist Arts and Extropic Arts Movement
Producer/Host Transhuman UPdate Cable TV show (1985 to present)
Author [terribly incomplete] Switching on; CREATE/RECREATE (book); Ageless Thinking, The Future of Sexuality, Recreating Reality—Redefining Art, A Talent for Living: Cracking Myths of Mortality, talks); Transhumanist Art Statement; Extropic Art Manifesto; Cryonics; Collection of Poems from Performances
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Fitness Certified
"Guru" (Wired magazine, 1997)  -- Workout & Tips
Performance Artist Theater, Film and Video
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