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I am currently at the exhibiting my documentary on "Bone Density" at the Science and Art in the Post-Biological Age, in Kaliningrad, Russia.  I will be in Norway presenting in October and in November in Vancouver Canada at the American Philosophical Association in November, then to Sao Paul, Brazil presenting research on the transitional human at the convergence of NBIC+.  I was presenting at the NABA in Milan, Italy and at the Pecci Museum in Prado.  I was at The Planetary Collegium Summit 2007 in Montreal, and spoke at F.A.Q.? in Sao Paulo, 2006, the Consciousness Reframed Conference in the UK in 2006, TransVision 2006 in Helsinki, Finland, Building Energy 2005 Conference in Boston in early 2005, Geoethical Nanotechnology Webcast 2005, and TransVision 2005 in Caracas, Venezuela, and was a speaker at the Ciberart Conference in Bilbao, Spain in 2004, and a keynote speaker at the Cumulus European Conference on Design in Tallinn, Estonia in 2003.  My talks reflect the culture of the future, the future of the human body, and how technology will affect the design of the future.  Please go to my press page for information on televised programs, featured in magazines such as Wired, Marie Claire, Anna, The New York Times, and LA Weekly.   Natasha's press kit of interviews.  

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Natasha Vita-More
Cultural Strategist, Designer
Studies of the Future, University of Houston
President, Extropy Institute
Founder, Transhumanist Arts & Culture
Extro5 - Silicon Valley, California
TransVision 2004, Toronto, Canada

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