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July 2006: Interview with Natasha
on "
Meme Therapy" and May 2006: RU Sirius at Neofiles #38 and MondoGloba #38

Feature Story
"Quei Superumani di California"  
(Italy, 2001)

Feature Story: 
"Non Invecchiare Mai" (Italy, 2001)

Cover Story:
"Natasha Vita-More 
Transhumanismens Drottning" 
(Sweden, 2001)

Cover Story:
"Giovani per Sempre" (Spain 2000)

Germany, 2001


Cover Feature:
"Dave Clifford speaks 
with Natasha Vita-More ..." (2001)
"Your Future In Art" (2001)
Cover Story:
"The Future Gets Fun Again"
Feature Article "Don't Die, Stay Pretty" (1/2000)

Cover Story

Marie Claire - Italy April, 2001 
Cover Story Esclusivo Natasha: "Voglio vivere fino a 120 anni."

  eZine Interview 2000
Featuring Natasha on the future of Art

il Nuovo
Italy's online newspaper, Interview 2001
Featuring Natasha and Max re transhumanists and Culture

2001 Cover Story 

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2006 Interviews
August 2006   Tinfoil Music
July 2006 American Gravity
July 2006 "Meme Therapy"
May 2006 MondoGlobo

Media Appearances -- TV, RADIO, FILM
Guest Appearances and Interviews

Ten Alps Television "Teen America"  Interview on the future, Documentary (03/2005)
Shock Films "Technophobia? Science Fiction Visions of Posthuman Future", Documentary, (07/2004)
Bravo Films "The Future"  Featured (06/2002)
ABC Radio National Cyborg Dreams: Beyond Human" Interview, (January 2002)
Media Television, Canada "Art & Life"  Featured (February, 2002)
ABC Radio National "Cyborg Dreams: Beyond Human" (November 11, 2001)
Discovery Channel, UK "The Science of Beauty" feature interview (March 18, 2001)
"Reality Check" Radio, Austria Interviewed by  Jill Zobel in Vienna, Australia re transhuman ideas a
Independent Documentary Featured:  Human-Computer Intelligent Interface, University of Illinois
BBC Films, UK Featured:  "Heart of the Matter" on the future  (January, (2000)
Atomic Brain, SciFi Channel Interviewed for kick-off show, re: future of humans (2000)
Beyond Computers (Radio: Interviewed re future of art, September (1998)
Univ. of Connecticut (Radio) Interviewed re future of art, transhumanism, September (1998)
Discovery Channel (BBC documentary) Featured in documentary re future body, cyborgs and Extropic Art (1997)
Fontana della Giovinezza (documentary) Featured, documentary re extropians & indefinite lifespans (1997)
Future Fantastic (BBC documentary) Featured, documentary re transhumans, posthumans and automorphing (1997)
Home and Family (Family Channel) Featured guest, "Neurosuspensions" and immortality(1997)
The Geraldo Rivera Show (NBC TV) Studio guest interviewed re hormones and creativity (1997)
Studio 7 (Cable TV) Guest interviewed re Transhumanist Art (1997)
BBC Films (documentary) Featured appearance re indefinite lifespans (1996)
KQED (radio - California) Radio Interview re "Ageless Thinking" (1996)
PBS France (documentary) Interviewed re optimal lifestyle and life extension (1995)
PBS US (documentary) Interviewed re longevity, cryonics (1995)
Strange Universe (TV) Appearance re Transhumanist Art (1995)
The Other Side (NBC TV) Studio guest interviwed on panel re cryonics (1995)
Periodista (Chili TV) Featured guest re immortality (1994)
ABC News (TV) Featured guest re cryonics and the future (1993)
PBS France (TV) Featured guest re documentary on Space Camp (1985)
KOTO (radio - Telluride) Interviewed re Transhumanism and Cryonics (1987)

Print -- Magazine, Newspaper

Le Magazine de Optimum, France Techno Multimedia Arts, "Natasha Vita-More, Bionic Woman" p. 56, No. 73, Mars 2005
Media Net Art "Cyborg Bodies" Interview, (2005)
Futurist "Pro-Life!"  Interview, (07/23/2004)
US News "The body of the future: High-tech homo sapiens", Interview (05/25/2004)
US News "Stem Cell Wars"  Interview, (03/02/2004)
Village Voice "Cyborg Liberation Front" Interview, (08/05/2003)
Hardvard Advocate "The Engineers of human souls at a Yale conference on transhumanism", Interview (06/2003)
KD Nuggets News "Exploring the "Singularity - Will human still exist by 2030?", Interview 03/2003)
New Haven Advocate "Technotopia - The Singularity & the End of Nature  Interview, (4/3/03)
Crux News "Bio-Luddites and secular rapture" Interview, (12/31/2003)
Reuters "Do Computers Really Think?"  [The Spielberg film "A.I."] 6/18/2001
Tech, Cyberia "Cyborgk, nanotech es agysebesz robot, Interview, 04/22/2002)
Journal Do Brazil Cover Feature: "Mentes sas, Robos Saos" 8/2 2001
Anna Feature: "Non Invecchiare Mai" (Italy) 2001
Zon Cover Feature: "Natasha Vita-More Transhumanismens Drottning" (Sweden) 2001
Marie Claire Cover Story: "Voglio vivere fino a 120 anni." (Italy) April 2001
Class Magazine "Quei Superumani di California"  (Italy) April 2001
Net-Business Feature: "Kaliforniens Cyberszene traumt vom ewigen Leben" (Germany) 2001
Net-Business Section Feature: Interview re Primo 3M+ featured (Germany) 
2/12 2001
il Nuovo February 16, 2001, Culture Section Feature (Italy) 2001
LA Weekly February, 2001 Cover Story (Los Angeles)
Stern (magazine) Germany To be announced, 2001 (future of arts, "Primo 3M+")
My Generation (magazine) "Never Say Die",  2001
Mean (magazine) Cover Feature: "Back to the Future: Are We Not Transhumans?" April, 2001
Harper's Bazaar January 1, 2001 issue "Eye on the Future" by Laurel Naversen
Miami Herald Interviewed re FM-2030 and transhuman ideas (June, 2000)
L'Espresso Cover Feature: "Giovani per Sempre" (Brazil) 2000
La Spiral (magazine) Interviewed re feature by Laurent Courau (July, 2000),
Wired (magazine) Interviewed re  feature "Don't Die, Stay Pretty" by Brain Alexander  (2000)
The Wall Street Journal Interviewed re "A Total Makeover" by Wendy Bounds on future bodies (2000)
LA SPIRALE -  eZine Interviewed re 2000 Millennium Events by Laurent Courau (2000)
Red Herring "On our way to the technorapture" (June 1999)
Carta Capital (magazine) Interviewed re "A Fonte Da Juventude" by Gianni Carta (1999)
The Atlantic Monthly Interviewed re the future of Art
Gentry (magazine) Interviewed re "2008: A Cyberspace Odyssey" by Bronwyn Fryer August/September (1998)
Working Woman (magazine) Interviewed re future of work force on the Internet (1997)
New York Times Magazine Interviewed for feature article "They Want To Live"  -  (1997)
Wired (magazine) Interviewed for  "The Future of Physical Fitnes" - (1997)
Teleopolis (magazine) Interviewed re article on Extropians and the future (1997)
c't (magazine) Interviewed re article on Extropians, Extropic Art, Sex  (1997)
My Intresante (magazine) El club de los Extropianos (Spain) - featured in article (1996)
Cosmopolitan (magazine) Interviewed re optimal lifestyles (1996)
Cyberland  (book, Gundolf S. Freyermuth) Germany — Interviewed for book on Cyberspace (1996)
Aspire (magazine) Interviewed re life extension (1996)
The London Observer (UK) (newspaper) Interviewed "Meet Mr. Immortal" (1995)
CA Liberty (newspaper) Featured re Extro-2, "Redefining Art/Recreating Reality" (1995)
LA Reader (newspaper) Featured in article "Duty Now For The Future" (1995)
Women In Their Own Words
(book, Mark Baker, Simon & Schuster)
Featured in book re women and relationships (1990)
The Telluride Times (newspaper) Featured "Telluride Local In Interview magazine"(1985)


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