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D e s i g n  C o n c e p t —
Natasha Vita-More
C o l l a b o r a t i v e
Scientific Team
Dr. Max More
Dr. Robert Freitas
Dr. Michael Rose
Evolutionary Biology
Dr. Greg Fahy
Dr. Ralph Merkle
Dr. Marvin Minsky
Artificial Intelligence
Alexander Sasha Chislenko
Enhanced Reality
Dr. Roy Walford
Gregory Benford
Dr. Robin Hanson
Vernor Vinge
Dr. Hans Moravec

M u s i c
E. Shaun Russell



Marvin Minsky

Wonderful idea! Perhaps we can hone it so that reader won't quickly assume
it's a hoax--and that such things are indeed possible "if consumers really want it".

(In other words, we might say that such a product will probably be
available by the year 2100 in any case, the way things are going--but quite
possibly closer to 2030 if the fields of cryonics and 'neuroanalysis' become sufficiently popular.)


Dr. Robert Freitas

(Whose contributions to Primo 3M+ are numerous and the "backbone" of its nanodesign.)
If you wanted to retain some humor, you could say that only limited
warranties over 100,000 yeas are available, and that only parts
but not all labor, are included!


Dr. Ralph Merkle

I love it! My only suggestion is the ability to dynamically adjust the metabolic rate,
so I can eat all that I want without gaining a pound!
(Other approaches, such as a removable stomach pouch, lack aesthetic appeal...)


Dr. Vernor Vinge

One thing I might
suggest adding to the list are backup and
hot swap options (I'm always safety conscious :-)


Dr. Chris Heward

Primo 3M+ Plus sounds like a body I would be interested in. I would like
to put my order in now. I would like to add a few special features to mine
however, assuming they are available as options.


Dr. Michael Rose

The body has become the ideological issue for the next quarter millennium
as the economy was the ideological issue for the last 250 years.
You physically embody this ideological juncture.


Sasha Chislenko

I wouldn't like the body to be too durable as most likely in a few years
there would be a shape-shifting device, or something like that, much better.

Would love to have:

- internal and external real-time personality backup.
- parallel semantic I/O for direct encrypted knowledge transfers, no raw
sound processing.

- Adaptable body-to-mind interface layer. I want to have internal body
controls upgradeable by the manufacturer so that I (Mind) would notice
only increased efficiency.

- No gender, thank you. New bodies will come from manufacturer anyway,
and I can emulate any sexual pleasures inside.
But for humor - sure - 50 sockets for parallel genital (or limb) attachments,
separate from waste removal, for obvious reasons.

- Enhanced reality hookups - between sensors and consciousness.

- Optional feeding from electricity /battery. Better energy efficiency than fat storage.