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Primo Posthuman 2005 edition
 R A D I C A L body design and future physique Evolving at the speed of Technology
The  following comparison chart compares the 20th Century Human Body with the 21st Century future physique of our conceptualized body design Primo 3M+.

The human body is undergoing change. Plastic surgery, prosthetics, robotics, electronic and digitized vocal chords, implants for hearing, chemicals to adjust and fine tune brain functioning, genetics and genetic engineering, and cloning organs are ways to augment and upgrade our physique. The human life span is going to increase as will our desire for vitality. With this in mind, it is advantageous to augment with a sense of aesthetics and approach the future physique like a design comprised of elegant strokes.

Comparison Chart

20th Century — Body

21st Century — Primo Posthuman

Limited Life span

Legacy genes Replaceable genes
Wears out Upgrades
Random mistakes Error correction device
Sense of humanity Enlightened Transhumanity
Intelligence capacity 100 trillion synapses Intelligence 100 quadrillion synapses
Single track awareness Multiple viewpoints running in parallel
Gender restricted Gender changeability
Prone to environmental damage Impervious to environmental damage
Corrosion by irritability, envy, depression Turbocharged optimism
Elimination messy and gaseous waste Recycles and purifies waste