Primo Posthuman — Evolving at the speed of technology.

R A D I C A L body design is more powerful, better suspended and more flexible—its body offering extended performance and modern style. The expansive interior provides advanced metabrain and enhanced senses. Our nano-engineered spinal communication system runs under the guidance of networked AI with a wide range of optional features.

Primo Posthuman 2005  — More comfort, better performance, lower price.

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  Warranty:  Additional twenty-fourth chromosomal pair. Guaranteed for any  genetic defects. Immune system guaranteed against all known pathogens.
  Return - Exchange Policy: 
Replacement body upon request.   Disclaimer: Abused body will be replaced at owner's expense. We reserve the right to replace with a used model.
  PrimoStar System:  Unlimited service calls.  Service range located within Asteroid Belt

The architecture of Primo's physique is designed for  mobility, flexibility and longevity.

We like to think of it as a cross between Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Valentine.