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New [human] Genre body design 
"PRIMO [first] Posthuman" 

is a prototype future body.  A conceptual design with superlongevity in mind, its imagined possibility fosters practical purpose.  What is design, after all, if it doesn't function? Primo, by design, has multi-functions. It is reliable, changeable, upgradeable, and complete with enhanced senses. Primo is the new designer body.

Some of these ideas may seem "radical" at first glance and may even cause you to imagine what it might be like to have a body that doesn't break down or one that lasts longer—much longer. 

If you could design your own body—give it any shape, size, color, contour, texture and elegant design—what would you choose?

What if your body could regenerate healthier, fresher skin and worn out tendons, ligaments and joints with replaceable ones? What if your body was as sleek, as sexy, and feel as comfortable as your new automobile? These are just a few of the questions to consider in the decades ahead.

Sit back, take a deep relaxing breath, follow the Primo Guides, and come along for an aerodynamic ride.

Welcome to the future!