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Smart  S K I N  ("sS")
  1. smart Skin ("sS")

  2. TIMELINE: Biological, Technological, Communications 
    & Design Evolution

  3. Artificial Intelligent Skin (AiS) - Multi-functional Design Options

  4. The Spin on Skin

  5. Squaring the Curve of Design

The smart Skin of the future combines the historical evolutionary role of survival from the earliest of human ancestors, the Australopithecus, to our future Posthuman whose survival will be conditioned to a far different world than we realize today. The architecture of this transition is both biological, as our genes shape our lives, and technological, as we merge and mingle more and more with the technology around us. It is also self-directed, as our intellectual capacity and our need to problem solve, progress, and survive lies at the forefront of our nature—our human nature. The smart Skin of the future will be a multi-functional design coalescing safety and survival, sensation and texture, beauty and elegance, fluidity and mobility, and terraced layers of what we know as the "self". The smart skin of the future will function as an exterior protection and interior multi-function; it will combine artificial and natural design options; fuzzy membrane, both natural and synthetic; a sensorial surface; and ultimately square the curve of design.

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Solar protected skin
with tone and texture changeability.

Biosensors externally
stimulate atmospheric tensions.

Active integument management system
keeps all outer surfaces totally smooth
and wrinkle free (unless you choose
wrinkles for effect), and maintains
maximal suppleness and instant
response to sudden demands for
stretch and twist.

Color control for instant blending in
or standing out. Optional silicon carbide sheath 
enables you to become
almost invisible.

ActiveSkin makes clothing unnecessary
and allows you to display written or
pictorial messages to convey mood.


Historically, humans have been
augmenting the skin with the use of
dyes, tattoos, and piercings for mating,
fertility, hunting, fighting, and
religious rituals.

The first tissue successfully
engineered and made available to
people was skin.




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