Primo Guide


S p i n e

Evolving Internal Communication 
at the speed of technology

Wholebody communications navigation
grid with one communicyte stationed every
100 microns apart in the tissue, providing
60 billon communicytes (cells) with a
peak power consumption of 60 watts.

1,000,000 terabit/sec optical backbone
(one billion times more capacity than a
human spinal cord).

Exquisite conscious perception of internal
physical states, including spatial orientation,
hormone levels, neural firing patterns.
Hear your body speaking!

Neuromuscular control allows you to use
thumb and forefinger as calipers,
measuring distance to micrometers.

In vivo fiber optic communications
backbone running from head to toe with
a transmission capacity of 1018 bits/sec.

Linked to distributed extra neural tissue,
giving a total of 1023 bits of information
(about 60,000 times the sum total of all
20th Century human knowledge).

Nanodiamond-laced spine provides 
multi-ton load capacity.