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V i s u a l   F i e l d
Network sonar sensors map data

Infrared/ultraviolet-sensitive high-acuity
single-photon detecting,
acceleration-resistant eyeballs.

Enhanced reality visual overlays through
retinal implants allow you to
view information on top of physical objects.

You can also edit your visual experience,
removing unsightly objects and morphing
scenes into images of your choice.

Sensory input can be patched in through
global Net connection, allowing
viewing of remote locations
from Webcams, space telescopes,
and flying micro-cameras.

External visual input gives you
eyes in the back of your head.


Magnifying lens, by Roger Bacon, 1267.
Eyeglasses, by Salvino D’Armate, 1291.
Contact lenses sketched,
Leonardo da Vinci, 1508.
First cataract removal, 1748.
Toric contact lenses approved for use, 1978.
Corneal sculpting, 1990s.
Silicon retinal implants, 1999.